Shows for the entire family

Twinkle Theatre is a perfect introduction to musical theatre for babies and toddlers ages one to five. All twinkle theatre shows are thirty minutes, musically driven, light and bright with no black outs and no scary villains. All costuming is minimal “pajama style” to ensure a non-intimidating fun experience!

This show is a one hour Creating Arts Company signature Mini Musical, which is an interactive-cinematic-theatrical-musical experience. Children are encouraged to cheer for the hero’s, boo for the villains, sing, dance and clap along. All children receive a free toy music maker upon entering.

Creating Arts Company Pint Sized Plays are designed to keep children engaged and are interactive-cinematic-theatrical experiences. Children are encouraged to cheer for the hero’s, boo for the villains, dance and clap along. Fun for the entire family!

Jr. Broadway Productions are one hour and thirty minutes with a ten minute intermission. They are song-interactive and edited for families and their children ages eight and up! Jr. Broadway Shows are the perfect way to introduce your older child to a bigger theatrical experience and they are fun for the whole family!



Princess Fractal Festival
Limited Event | ONE DAY ONLY!!

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What happens when all of your favorite Princesses get together in the icy snow for a ball? A fantastical fractal festival of course! Come join the Ice Queen and Princess and all of their princess friends in this fun, all new, original wintery show! When the Ice Queen and Princess invite all of their friends to their winter Fractal Festival they are quickly detoured by the Bumble, a giant Snowman! When all the Princesses and their friends decide to face the Bumble they find out he may just need a friend to help melt his cold heart. This all new original Princess Show features all of your favorite princesses and lots of their friends and is sure to have the entire family singing, dancing and participating in all the action!


Show Dates and Times:
Sat. Dec 20th | 7:00 – 8:00pm

Miles Memorial Playhouse
Santa Monica, CA



Sleeping BeautyPint Size Playbook_now2

Show Runs: Sept. 27th – Nov. 9th, 2014
Saturdays | Sundays: 1:00 – 2:00pm

Creating Arts Company is proud to bring to life another beloved Princess tale! When the King and Queen are blessed with a lovely baby girl, Princess Aurora, an evil sorceress cast a spell on the newborn Princess. She declares that on her sixteenth birthday, the Princess will prick her finger on a cursed spindle and fall into a deep slumber that only a kiss of true love can awake. Desperate to save their daughter, the King and Queen rely on the help of the forrest fairies to keep her safely hidden away until after her sixteenth birthday. Will they young Princess make it past her sixteenth birthday without the evil sorceress finding her or will she fall victim to the spell, to have a kiss of true love awake her?

This classic fun fairytale is a Creating Arts Company Pint Sized Play, it’s a one hour interactive-cinematic-theatrical experience for ages 3 and up!


Show Runs: Sept. 27th – Nov. 7th, 2014
Saturdays | Sundays: 3:00 – 4:00pm

Roald Dahl’s delicious tale of young Charlie Bucket and the strange and elusive confectioner Willy Wonka comes to life in musical form in this fun fantasy Creating Arts Company Mini-Musical. When Charlie wins a Golden Ticket to the weird Wonka Chocolate Factory for a once in a lifetime tour he has no idea what’s in store. Beyond the gates Charlie along with Varuka Salt, Agustus Gloop, Mike Teavee, Voilet Beauregard and their guardians step into a world full of wonder and edible delights but soon discover not everything is as sweet as it seems.

Parents and children alike will delight in this fun musical and parents and teachers can use Creating Arts Company’s Page to Stage educational resources! This show is a Creating Arts Company Signature Mini-Muscal, a one hour interactive-cinimatic-musical-experience. All children receive a free toy musical instrument upon arrival.